& there, i find life.

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“the most wonderful thing is that you and i are always walking together, hand in hand, in a strangely beautiful world, unknown to other people. we both stretch one hand to receive from life – and life is generous indeed.”
― kahlil gibran
we love our new land, our surroundings
calling california home is a dream.
a dream we have been dreaming together for so long.
& the best part of living this dream, this life, is that it’s with you.
it is hand in hand. our own little world, that only we know.
perfectly filled with adventure, love, comfort, risk, play, safety, mystery.
together we go.
to the tops of mountains that overlook the city.
complaining + hot. our muscles so sore. having a banana & chocolate picnic along the way.
laughing quietly together at all of our inside jokes.
moments where all we can hear is each others footsteps & heavy breaths.
reaching the top. together.
together we go.
escaping to the desert. soaking in the sun & her beautiful heat.
the santa ana breeze warm upon our skin.
reading next to you. dipping our toes into the pool.
street tacos & thrifting for a new black top.
quarter machine toys, a bouncy ball & fake panda tattoo.
laying next to you, gazing up at the stars.
together we go.
for a late night walk in the rain shower.
dashing across the street, through the puddles.
water drops covering my nose, covering your glasses.
to the park, our park.
listening to the waves crash below. holding your hand.
laughing & joking the whole time.
i’m so lucky to be yours. to know you. to be known by you.
i’m so grateful that when i stretch out my hand, you are reaching back.
& there, i find life.

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January 27th, 2015 at 1:36 pm

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