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Howard Travel Journal {california || from our iphones}

exploring southern california on
[a few quick snaps from our phone || to see more of our adventures, find us on instagram here.]
we spent the last 5 days exploring in southern california.
our time was filled with some of our favorite people, lots of new friends,
confetti, no sleep, dancing, the moodiest weather, so much laughter that our sides & faces hurt,
mud mud mud, glamping, visiting the ocean, & a very interesting korean massage.
since we were already sleep deprived before we went (trying to finish up that dang website),
this adventure really took it out of us.
it was so so good. but we forgot to sleep.
so, you can find us hibernating & catching up for the next month.

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Written by admin

March 6th, 2014 at 9:26 pm