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this time of year is filled with so much hope.
the sun brightens our sky so much later into the evening & the air is so fresh.
soon, everything will be blooming.
& it has just been so much easier to breathe deeply, lately.
our last few months/years have been so busy & full.
mostly unhealthy busy. starting a business is no joke & it has really taken its toll on us.
we finally feel like we have built a good base, strengthened our work flow, & honed in on what we are most passionate about within our business.
& this year is just going to be really, really good.
the best one yet.
we are working with some of the most incredible couples, adventurers, & families.
we feel so lucky that we get to tell such beautiful stories for our job,
travel the globe side by side, & finally be at a place in our business that we can sleep more.

above, a few favorite images i have been pinning lately. [you can find me here. ]
original sources: one. || two. || three. || four.

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March 21st, 2014 at 8:57 am

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