on chasing buffalo. & finding reindeer.

chasing buffalo. {beetleandfig.com}
chasing buffalo. {beetleandfig.com}
chasing buffalo. {beetleandfig.com}
chasing buffalo. {beetleandfig.com}
chasing buffalo. {beetleandfig.com}
chasing buffalo. {beetleandfig.com}
at our healthiest, our days go nothing as planned.
we take every detour.
stop at any sign of beauty.
go the long way.
get home way later then planned.
& with our hearts beating in a way that we can feel them again.
we are reminded that we are indeed alive.
nate & i have a phrase we like to use when we need to slow down, take time for adventure, & hunt for beauty in our midst.
we call it “chasing buffalo”
& this is why:
in the midst of starting a business, our lives got hecticly busy.
when always feeling behind on our to do lists, our insides & souls started to become weighted down.
going a million miles a minute in our minds. anxiety welling over our lungs.
not able to spare a minute to catch our breath.
even when we would have chances to slow down, it was really hard.
we just wanted to shut our minds off.
we lost our adventurous spirits.
one of the most precious things to us.
the reason we fell in love with each other.
when heading out to colorado to visit family over a year ago,
in the midst of all this chaos
we decided we had to slow down.
we had to be adventurous again.
no matter what, we will not be stressed how long this road trip take us.
if we see something crazy, beautiful, or exciting
we are stopping. going. gazing.
no matter how far out of the way.
& during that drive, we passed a huge herd of buffalo. (yeah yeah… bison).
we squealed with excitement, took the first exit, & went back.
peering out at those wild beast. learning lessons from them on how we should live.
& our minds were still. but fully awake.
it was way out of our way to get turned back around on that interstate.
i think it took us 20 minutes before we were able to find another exit to get back on our route.
& it was perfect.
we still have the tendency to get caught up in busyness.
to want to turn our minds off if we have a free moment.
but this weekend we took the long way & made the conscious choice to be alive & awake.
on our way out to the country to cut our christmas tree,
we saw that sign. a buffalo & an arrow.
“this way. adventure”
& at the end we found a herd of reindeer.

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December 16th, 2013 at 7:21 pm

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  1. this is so beautiful


    17 Dec 13 at 5:50 pm

  2. i found your blog through the new years link up with casey and kelli, and i am in awe of your photography. so many beautiful images to take in. thanks for inspiring


    4 Jan 14 at 3:29 pm

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