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it’s terribly hard to know where to start since enduring such a long pause here.
we have been missing & dreaming about this space a lot lately, though.
life is so full, so beautiful.
we have so many adventures, images, & stories to share from the past few months.
& so many new dreams. many things we are excited about for this fresh, new year.
we have been stomping all over the states. holding hands everywhere we go.
meeting new faces, & laughing with old friends.
standing in awe over ocean waves, giant snowflakes, bustling cities, & towering trees.
we have been feeling more & more like home in our new space. home is so good.
you can find us snuggling & drinking tea nonstop.
sitting at our little park across the street, listening to the magnificent, crashing waves.
constantly trying to learn, & re-learn lessons on slowing down, breathing. less work, more life.

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January 12th, 2015 at 5:26 pm

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