He was born in Colorado. Raised in Guatemala. 
Lover of the woods, flannel, learning, & nilla wafers.


She was born & raised on a farm in Iowa. With lots of kittens. 
Lover of the sun, thrifting, the little things in life (literally & figuratively), milk, & making things look pretty.


We are documentary photographers & film makers over at The Shalom Imaginative. We currently call California home, but often find ourselves traveling the world to
tell the beautiful stories of others lives.
 Lovers of farmers’ markets, traveling, simplicity, sweet potato fries, front porches, & singing at the top of our lungs 
when we don’t know the words (we usually don’t know the words).


We are dreamers, adventurers, & explorers.
We think that tenacity & laughter go a long way.
We believe that life is very fascinating, deeply alive, & insanely beautiful… & best enjoyed with others.








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